An Open Letter to My Teaching Colleagues – via Medium

Be kind. To yourself, to your colleagues, to your students, ... , and the misunderstanding public. Know that what you do is meaningful and has purpose and not everyone can do what you do. Remember how very unique you really are. I came across this short piece written by a school teacher.  While it is …

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AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers | Legal Scholarship Blog

via AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers | Legal Scholarship Blog The AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers invites long- and short-form submissions on any subject relevant to law librarianship. The winners in the Open, New Member, and Student Divisions will receive $650, and the Short Form Division winner will receive $300, all generously donated by LexisNexis. Co-authors of winning papers share …

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Focus on the Message, Not the Messenger


Professor Hal Wicke
Assistant Professor
Deputy Chair, Department of Speech and Communication
New York School of Career and Applied Studies, Touro College

Stage fright is a universal phenomenon. Almost everyone has had their own experience with stage fright. Touro Communication instructors have many anecdotes collected over the years. Each instructor has her way of addressing stage fright in class. They will tell you what the business world knows that fear of speaking in public remains the number one stumbling block for professional success.

Here are some stories from my own experience:

  • A Touro administrator spoke about his “terrible” anxiety he experiences when he gets up to teach a class or talk to an audience.
  • When she heard that the class was going to get up a do an impromptu speech, a Touro student of mine, sitting in the last row, dropped to the floor and crawled on her knees…

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New Blog on Teaching and Learning Features Contributions from Law Faculty

Touro College has launched a Teaching and Learning Exchange Blog that all are welcome to drop in on.  Some of the recent posts discuss topics this Best Practices blog has highlighted in the past. For example, recent postings from four law faculty include: Laura Dooley , Hypo Hell: Using Short Form Questions in Class to Engage …

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Lesson ideas for law school from the Banking Royal Commission

The role of lawyers hasn’t attracted much attention in the hearings or the final report of the Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry here in Australia.  But there are some things that flow from the Commissioner’s recommendations which obviously have a direct impact on lawyers working in the industry but are also potentially teachable moments for law students—good, bad and ugly.