Resources for teaching law online

Resources for teaching law online

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen some dramatic changes in the state of the world.  Associated with that, in Australia and overseas, law schools are moving to online delivery of legal education.  For a lot of us, it might be the first time we’ve ever delivered a law class entirely online.  Here are some resources for teaching law online that I have started to collect from different blogs and other sites.

I will add more materials when I come across them.  But please feel free to send suggestions, articles or other links that you think it might be useful to include.

Designing online teaching
‘Doing’ online teaching
Webinars and videos
Online tools
  • Using Zoom:  A short (22 minutes) tutorial on setting up and running Zoom for online teaching.  And it’s produced by a teacher!
  • Parampara:  Want to keep in timely contact with students but struggling with the time to catch up in person?  Or having trouble answering all the questions? This Facebook Messenger-styled chatbot is incredibly easy to set up and use.  And they are offering an account for free!
  • Flipgrid:  Free for educators. This lets you create a video discussion board for classes and topics.  You could use it to let students post short videos giving their response to questions, prompts or topics.  There is a detailed guide book to look at so you can figure out if you want to use it.
  • Screencastify:  A really simple recording tool which works as a plugin for Chrome.  You can record yourself, your voice and the screen.  There is a small fee to use all the features.
Online training
  • Foundations of Virtual Instruction:  If you have a little more time, Coursera offers a MOOC that puts online teaching into a broader pedagogical context. But it is directed at primary and secondary students. I did the MOOC three years ago and found it really useful.


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