Do you have a tiny teaching story?

Do you have a tiny teaching story?

Education Week has launched a project it calls Tiny Teaching Stories. It’s an anthology of short (tiny) stories by teachers about their classroom experiences. It’s a powerful example of how to build a teaching community. And it’s also a deeply moving reminder of those little moments that can change a teacher and a student. As law teachers, we have the same experience. Do you have a tiny teaching story?

Triumph, frustration, absurdity, joy, revelation, and hilarity

Education Week introduces its project in the following way:

Your lives as teachers are packed with powerful moments: moments of triumph, frustration, absurdity, joy, revelation, and hilarity. We want to hear about those moments.

But it’s not just about triumph, frustration or hilarity at the moment, is it? Law school transforms students. At its most basic, it teaches law students to approach problems in a particular way. But it also creates professionals who will see the world in a different way to their peers. They will go on to change the world, even if it is for a single client. Stories about those changes are essential to build confidence in law students and law teachers that law school is transformative.

Sharing teaching experiences also creates a teaching community. A reminder that you’re not alone – others share your triumph and frustration. They might even have some ideas on how to prolong the former and abbreviate (or avoid) the latter! It’s also a fundamental part of building a profession.

So, borrowing gratefully from Education Week, I am inviting law teachers to share their stories using the form below.

I have also created a page to share these stories (and you can go and read mine).

Regrettably, I can’t promise that this counts toward your publication input, but sharing your story and reading others might just inspire you to pursue research around your story!

So, do you have a tiny teaching story?

Read tiny (law) teaching stories HERE.

Submit your own tiny (law) teaching story below.




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