2019 ICPSR Summer Programs/Workshops

If you are contemplating legal educational research, this might be of interest to you.

via Empirical Legal Studies

Information on the 2019 ICPSR Summer programs and workshops is now available.


Held in Ann Arbor, the Summer Program’s two separate Four-week Sessions (June 24 – July 19; July 22 – August 16) provide an immersive learning experience and select from more than 40 courses, including regression, Bayesian analysis, longitudinal analysis, game theory, MLE, SEM, causal inference, machine learning, multilevel models, race/ethnicity and quantitative methods, and more.


For those needing to learn a specific methodological technique in just a few days, the Summer Program offers more than 40 short workshops in 9 cities. Workshops of interest include:
*   Advanced Multilevel Modeling with HLM (May 28-31, Amherst)
*   Qualitative Comparative Analysis (June 17-19, Ann Arbor)
*   Multilevel Modeling in the Social Sciences (June 17-21, Chapel Hill)
*   Experimental Methods in the Social Sciences (June 17-21, Ann Arbor)
*   Regression Discontinuity Designs (June 24-26, Ann Arbor)
*   Advanced Topics in Dynamic Panel Models (July 2-4, Vancouver)
*   Spatial Econometrics (July 8-12, Ann Arbor)
*   Regression Analysis for Spatial Data (July 15-19, Boulder)
*   Practical Data Science and Data Management (July 29-August 1, Ann Arbor)
*   Machine Learning: Uncovering Hidden Structure in Data (July 29-August 2, Berkeley)
*   Bayesian Multilevel Models (August 12-16, Berkeley)
*   Causal Inference for Clustered Data (August 19-23, Berkeley)

For more information click here.

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