Focus on the Message, Not the Messenger


Professor Hal Wicke
Assistant Professor
Deputy Chair, Department of Speech and Communication
New York School of Career and Applied Studies, Touro College

Stage fright is a universal phenomenon. Almost everyone has had their own experience with stage fright. Touro Communication instructors have many anecdotes collected over the years. Each instructor has her way of addressing stage fright in class. They will tell you what the business world knows that fear of speaking in public remains the number one stumbling block for professional success.

Here are some stories from my own experience:

  • A Touro administrator spoke about his “terrible” anxiety he experiences when he gets up to teach a class or talk to an audience.
  • When she heard that the class was going to get up a do an impromptu speech, a Touro student of mine, sitting in the last row, dropped to the floor and crawled on her knees…

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